Temporary Stock and Store CO

We’ve moved out of our apartment after 2 years o n May 2nd. But, we’re not in our house yet. We were able to get a temporary “stock and store” certificate of occupancy that allows us to move our things into the house, but we are not allowed to live in the house yet. There are a couple more things we need to do. The main thing is we need our permanent stairs and railings around those stairs to be installed. We should have had those installed several weeks ago, but got screwed by our stairs contractor.

I’d been in touch with Matt Dodd many times over the past three months. Every time we talked I asked him if he was on schedule. And every time he’d respond, “I am really busy, but we’ll make it happen.” I should have found someone else right then, but he was always really nice, had been out to the house to measure and made some really nice stairs. We’d even picked out materials and styles and had a date set for the install. So about a week before our lease is up and we are about to move, I call Matt and ask if he’s ready to install our stairs this week. He responds, “I’m not going to be able to do your job. I’m just too busy with my other projects.” I of course let him have it, but what can I do… other than send someone to break a kneecap or two.

So here we were a week before we were supposed to move into our new house and we don’t have railings or stairs, so we can’t get our CO. Fortunately Amy’s sister and brother-in-law offered to let us stay in their basement. So this is where we have been the past 2 weeks. I found a new guy to build our steel stairs and I found a place to buy the timbers for our stair treads. Now I just need to get it all together. Hopefully we’ll get this taken care of this week and be able to move in. Just one more problem in the joy of home building.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been busy. I’ve spent at least 12 hours every day up there working and Amy has been coming after work on nights when she can. I tiled the guest bathroom (pictures to come) and built the kitchen cabinet bases. I also built a cabinet for the guest bathroom. We got our cooktop hooked up and the kitchen sink up and running in a temporary plywood counter. So I think we’re close. We are supposed to get Internet installed from Comcast 3 weeks ago, but that hasn’t happened either. That will hopefully be taken care of tomorrow and I can upload some pictures. Check back!

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