Utilities Installed

Today we had our utilities installed including gas, electricity, cable, and phone. These different utility companies all sub-out this work to one company called Sitewise. I wasn’t too impressed with them. They were supposed to be here yesterday but never showed up and never called. I tried to reach them, but wasn’t able to until 3:00 in the afternoon. By then it was too late. So here they are today. They get paid by the number of jobs they complete so there were moving fast. So fast they ripped through some conduit I’d buried between the house and garage even though I’d warned them about it, told them exactly where they were, and spray-painted a print orange line where they were. They also didn’t have a compactor to compact their back-fill meaning we’ll have a big trench when the ground where they dug settles. Then they left our tracking pad covered in dirt. Not a great experience. Anyway, it took them them the entire day, but got it done.