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Master Bath

We are just about done with our master bathroom. We opted not to put a bathtub in the master since neither of us really take baths (we do shower however once a week whether we need it or not. And, we have bathtubs in both of our other bathrooms if we really want to take a bath). We decided not to have a huge master since we just use it for a half hour each day. But, we did put in a pretty large walk-in shower. We also opted for a water closet for the toilet with a pocket door for privacy. Then we installed two separate hanging sinks with a hanging cabinet between them.

Getting the shower ready was a pretty big process because we needed a shower pan. Ideally we would have sunk the shower pan into the concrete floor, but that needed to have been planned months before and would have caused a week spot in the structural floor. No doubt there would have needed to have been some changes in the structural engineering which took place more than a year ago. So I poured the pan on top the regular floor. After pouring the concrete for the shower pan, installing a rubber membrane, and pouring concrete over that I was ready to tile the floor.

For the shower floor we opted for a cut river rock. We’d both stood on a full river rock floor and it actually hurt our feet. The material we selected is cut flat and affixed to a nylon mesh in 12″ x 12″ squares. That worked quite well and allowed the stone to curve with the contours of the shower pan. I installed that and grouted it in a couple days. For the wall we again used the 12″ x 24″ tile, but put it horizontally (unlike the bathroom downstairs). We went all the way to the 9′ ceilings which ended up being a lot of tile. Amy grouted all the walls, caulked the corners and cleaned the tile. Now all we have to do is seal the tile, install one piece of base trim and we’ll be done… for now. Amy would like to tile the entire north wall of the bathroom which I agree would look nice, but I didn’t have it in me to finish it now. It’s been added to the list of future projects.

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