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Landscaping is expensive. I mentioned this in a previous post. We got a bid for about $20,000. That’s CRAZY!  Actually, I wish we could afford to hire someone for all it, but we can’t. Most of it I could do myself, but it would take a lot of heavy labor. So we decided we’d do some things ourselves like put in the irrigation system, put in plants and trees, and seed or sod some grass. But we decided to hire someone to put in some rock. And man am I glad we did.

We had many tons of cobble stone delivered before the driveway was poured so heavy trucks didn’t need to drive on it. Then a few weeks later a crew came in and went to work. They installed a “dry” river bed in the front of the house. I put dry in quotes because when those afternoon monsoon rains come, it is no longer dry. It is however extremely functional and channels the water away and around the house. We also had about 40 feet of 2 foot high retaining wall built on the south side of the house where the lot sloped  pretty severely. Then we had them install a three foot wide band of cobble around the entire yard. Lastly, they graded around the house and installed three feet of cobble there too. All in all, it was definitely worth the price.

This fall we’ll hopefully be planting a lot of vegetation. We plan on taking advantage of the sales and getting lots of plants and a few trees to put in the ground.

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