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Kitchen Drawers

After a couple weeks of not doing much on the house, I’ve started working on the drawers for the kitchen cabinets. I built the base cabinets a while ago so we could get our granite installed, but I’ve been dragging my feet on finishing the rest of the cabinets up. But, Amy won’t let us entertain until they’re done so I’m on the job again.

I decided to use poplar for the drawer boxes because it’s relatively inexpensive and soft which makes it easy to work with; especially when making dovetails. Hardwood can crack and can be difficult to fit together. My supplier only had 3/4″ thick material in stock so I bought that and planed it down to 5/8″. They also only had certain widths so I got 5-1/2″ and ripped it down to 4-1/2″ for the upper drawers. The lower drawers will all be 11″ tall so I have 8-1/4″ material for those. Then I cut a 1/4″ groove a half inch from the lower edge to receive the bottom of the drawers. For that I got some 1/4″ melamine with maple coloring.

Once I finish the drawers, I’ll start work on the uppers and the panels for all the doors and drawers and for our built in refrigerator. Lots more fun to come.

By the way, here is a video of me routing the dovetails for the drawer boxes.

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