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Driveway Poured

We finally got the driveway poured today. This is one if the biggest steps we’ve had so far. No longer must we cringe when rain (or snow) is forecast for fear of a muddy, mucky, gooey walk to the house. We have a nice new concrete driveway and sidewalk. It runs all the way out to the road which is over 100 feet (32m). It’s 16-feet wide (5M) and has a 20′ x 40′ parking and turn-around area. They also poured the sidewalk up to the front porch. It all turned out really nice.

The guys started to form everything Monday morning around 6:30. They had to move a lot of dirt. In fact, they trucked out 3 tandems full. Most of this was the recycled concrete tracking pad we had to put in. They were done forming about 1:00. The next morning the crew showed up about 10 minutes before the first cement truck at 7:00am. They were done pouring around 1:30. All told, there was over 3,000 sq ft of concrete which was just over 40 cubic yards. This marks the last of our concrete on the house project. Here are a few pictures of the forming and pouring.

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