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Welcome to Amy and Mike’s Building a House in Colorado. This site is meant to share our experiences while building our own custom home in a suburb of Denver Colorado, USA. This is a new experience for both of us.  The decision to build our own home was not taken lightly. There was a lot to consider including timing, finances, and most of all how to do it. Fortunately we found Bob, a home building consultant that will help us be our own General Contractor (also known as a GC). He provides estimates, time lines, a pool of contractors and suppliers, help with permits and years of home building experience. So with his help, we’re moving forward.

Building my own house has always been a dream of mine, that we’re now working to fulfill. But it wasn’t an easy road. There were several stepping stones to get where we are today. It started about 8 years ago when I bought a 1920 Denver Bungalow that had been foreclosed. It was in tough shape and decided I was going to fix it up. After 4 years of almost continuous remodeling, I finally finished the job. I redid every surface in the entire house, and added a few custom touches like building my own kitchen cabinets and pouring concrete counter tops (they turned out so nice, I plan to do the same in this house). I sold that house and made a pretty decent profit at about the peak of the housing market just before the housing bubble burst. About a year later, when the housing market had dropped, I got a great deal on my second house. This house had just been completely remodeled and didn’t need much work. I had a garage built, did some landscaping, had central air conditioning installed, and put a new roof on. Amy tastefully decorated the house to make it our own. Two and a half years later, when the Denver housing market was again booming, we sold with the idea that we would rent for a year and build our own custom home. That’s where we are today.

We hope you enjoy following along as our plans become reality. We hope to have lots of great content by the time we’re done. Just for starters here are a few things that will be coming: the search for land,  designing the house with our architect Kevin, submitting plans to the city, getting permits, excavation, pouring the foundation, framing the house, electrical, plumbing, drywall, flooring, appliances, fixtures, building kitchen cabinets, pouring concrete counter tops, landscaping, and hopefully sitting back and drinking a glass of wine in our new home. Thanks for joining us.

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